(S)well, its gone……


and I have cash in the hand (to be put in the bank and not spent on eBay!). I feel I have just cleared something out of my life that has been getting more and more pointless as I try to move on. It had become an unnecessary burden. I have plenty of ‘things’ which need sorting out given away, sold or dumped. But a car just sits there deteriorating by the minute and demanding payment for the privilege of sitting there deteriorating by the minute and taking up a useful space and, and, oh I have got it in for the pain in the neck owning a car can be. I think its called justifying ones actions. Because I know there will be certain days and certain times when I will recall the pleasure of owning a car. The joy of just taking off and going. Many happy memories. I suppose for me its the independence, the spontaneity having your own vehicle allows. But that was then and this is now. AND with the help of certain website my feet are now well shod.

I have big(gish) feet. Throughout my life I have NEVER had a good choice of shoes and like many I love footwear. There is something about glimpsing your feet encased in something which delights your eye, is comfortable (the most important point)and hasn’t cost a
fortune. When I have found a wonderful shoe/boot I always felt I walked taller and felt more confident. But buying shoes has never been a pleasure just a series “not in your size, sorry but we do have them in a 7” but I’m an 8/9 or 42 not a 7, 7.5 or a 41. And the days of me crushing my feet into shoes that are too small flew out of the window years ago. But now through the wonders of the web I have found a treasure trove of shoes/boots in my size. I am at the moment the very proud owner of some chunky heeled beautiful jadegreen short boots, flat raspberry pink hand made short leather boots, fur lined boots are on their way plus a very large leather bag and maybe a couple of other items, all for under the price of my walking boots. I just cannot tell you how thrilling browsing through all this wearable footwear is. I get great pleasure at just the looking and the realisation that I can join in the pleasure of shopping for shoes that fit.

So its bye bye car, but hullo shoes….. must go and check my watch list!

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  1. “A car just sits there deteriorating by the minute” – sounds a bit like my day. Seriously though I’m so pleased that it’s all sorted AND you have the cash in hand. I think all of this is such a positive move and hey if it buys more shoes then all the better. Your Ebay purchases sound wonderful and I can fully appreciate the joy of shoes. Like you I would put comfort before anything else – well, yes, but things have got to look good too. A wee collection of footwear that you love will carry you miles – with or without a bus pass!

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