This blog is my way of sharing what life is like with no car.  I’ve owned a car for 51 years – that’s a long time.  So this blog is about my journey, not with a car but with a bus pass.

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  1. The funny coincidence is… myh 18 yr old car finally, truly, died. Mostly I walk (as my blog points out) or use my bike or public transit, so now I’m in no hurry to get another car. Love the title of your blog and your approach to things. (And thanks for following my blog.)

    • Isn’t sitting on a bus and letting someone else concentrate on traffic etc etc and not worrying about where to park just great? And the major benefit stopping those endless bills to keep the damn thing on the road legally and feeding it expensive fuel. I walk everyday which is what drew me to your blog which is quite delightful. By the way my next project is to get my bikes sorted out – I love cycling. My husband and I were very keen but since he dies in February 2012 I haven’t got that bit of my life sorted but defiently will. I hope we communicate again and thanks for following my blog. Its fun isn’t?

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